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been away, but western fires and wood firing?

updated mon 14 aug 00


rick mace on sat 12 aug 00

I'd love to know the stats on annual forest fire smoke output and wood
burning kiln output. My guess is that if every single kiln in the entire
world were to be wood burning that it would probably equal the about one one
millionth of the "pollution" caused by annual natural fires.
Does anyone have the actual stats? Personally, I laugh at the concern over
wood firing and while I'd love to be "right" about it, I'm also perfectally
willing to be "wrong" about it as well if someone knows how 4 million acres
a year in US forest fires translates into Kiln burnings. It's probably
something like one one hundredth of one percent and yet we keep hearing from
the "so concerned about the environment" about how it is so terrible to fire
with wood. Am I wrong?... I really don't know but am just suspecting that
it is a joke by comparison... does anyone know? Please tell me.
Rick Mace Potter
PS I love Rush Limbaugh as well so now you can really scream (lol)