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bronze crucibles

updated tue 15 aug 00


Dennis Freeman on sun 13 aug 00

Clayart group - I'm new to your list, but impressed by the technical
knowledge & passion here. So... I have a technical question:

I teach at a High School in Wyoming with a very active pottery / sculpture
program. In addition to fired clay, we also do cast bronze. Among our
equipment, we have a very large ( 4' across) homemade centrifugal caster,
like a giant-size spring-powered jewelry caster. It has not been in use
for some time because we have no crucibles to fit the beast.

I am able to make & mold crucibles for this, but out of what? We need to be
ale to pour molten bronze into the crucibles, then keep hot w/ a torch until
the caster is started. Anyone out there have a recipe for an appropriate
clay body? I have one, but I'd like some imput. Thanks in advance! -
Dennis in Wyo.

Mike Gordon on mon 14 aug 00

Hi Dennis,
If you mean the crucible you melt the bronze in.... they are made out of
Silica Carbide, you can check with your local foundry supply for sizes.
If you mean the small crucible you pour the bronze into before setting
the centrifuge loose I think they are made out of some type of high fire
porcelain.. a jewelery supply could help you there. Be sure you tell
them you are going to pour bronze into it. Mike