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pot roast/raku burners in miles city

updated wed 16 aug 00


Marcia Selsor on tue 15 aug 00

This is a resubmit. First one didn't go through
>> >I am just back from my rake workshop in Miles City. We also built a tipi
>> >kiln under Sue Tirrel's
>> >direction. She is the resident potter at the Custer County Art Center
>> >there. It was so hot we had to take a swim in the Yellowstone River
>> >after we finished.
>> >Just wanted to mention that I used the burner system Mark Ward built for
>> >this raku kiln. Fired like a champ. I had him make two burners for three
>> >little propane tanks. They never got close to freezing up. We fired all
>> >day. I did 8 loads (had to go slow as we were sharing reduction cans
>> >with the Art Center's kiln). I still have at least half full propane
>> >tanks (5 gallons each).Lots os nice work.Lots of nice people.
>> >Marcia Selsor
Marcia Selsor