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crucible updraft kiln

updated fri 18 aug 00


Amy Ramsey on thu 17 aug 00

I have an opportunity to purchase a Crucible updraft kiln. It's top
loading, 4 burner, and set up for lp. Has anyone out there ever fired with
such a kiln? If yes, please let me know of your experiences. I am chomping
at the bit to get this kiln, and my reasonable, rational, loving husband is
insisting I do more than just throw money at the owner and race out the door
with this kiln.

In particular, I am interested to know if anyone has used this type of kiln
for bisque and ^10? I currently have a house too old and too poorly wired
to use my hairdryer, let alone my Skutt.
Also, I spoke w/ Seattle Pottery Supply about changing over to nat. gas, and
was told to drill out the orifices (sp?) to "32." If this is indeed the way
to convert, please, kiln gurus, pipe in! :)
Any and all comments are very much appreciated.
Thanks ever so much in advance,

Amy Ramsey

in soggy Western Michigan (this is NOTHING like Oregon's high desert!)