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help with gallery standards please

updated mon 21 aug 00


priddy on sun 20 aug 00

hello everyone!

My co-op gallery is trying to improve its contract and clarify its
standards for exhibiting potters.

Do any of you have examples of your by-laws or contracts or excerpts =

from them that cover this?

I have searched the clayart archives and found a lot of discussion of
standards for functional potters and am trying to boil it down into a suc=
nutshell that will be clear for clay artists of any ilk for display in th=

"yeah, right, that'll be a cinch", you are thinking...well so am I...

Please help if you can. Bad examples help too as I am not alone in =

this endeavor and other gallery members here will have to mush =

through this with me.

Thanks again

Elizabeth Priddy

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