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which wood kiln?

updated wed 23 aug 00


matt brennecke on tue 22 aug 00

Hi all!
I am just getting my studio established, and am considering kiln building.
In college I helped to build and fire an anagama, and have seen a
noborigama fired, but have no experience with groundhog or bourry box
kilns. I usually make thrown and latered vessel forms, and love the
natural ash and flashing of anagama kilns, but have to be realistic about
the marketability of that type of ware in my area.
I am considering a bourry box kiln so that I will be able to glaze fire.
My question is what level of spontenaety can I expect from these firings?
Any flashing or ash at all? I will probably be firing with only one or two
helpers, and can't afford a gas kiln at the moment unless I give up on wood
Any help would be appreciated.
I live in north eastern Missouri near Kirksville. Any wood firers up here?