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reply to matt brennecke about wood kiln

updated thu 24 aug 00


Custom Services on wed 23 aug 00

Hi Matt
We have fired a large double boury box kiln for 3 years. If you want any
ash deposits, you have to be careful where you place the pots and how you
fire. This is great if you have lots of glazed pots to fire and don't want
ash deposits on them. We place pots in strategic spots where we know there
will be flashing or deposits. We use a lot of washes and flashing slips to
get effects. Our kiln does not deposit much ash. I have a friend nearby
with a boury that gets a little more ash than we do. He still has to place
pots or use slips to accentuate flashing.

Every kiln is different and must be learned. Since our kiln is 200 cu ft.,
it costs us a lot of effort to fire enough to learn. The boury is a joy to
fire when it works right. Write me privately if you want more info than this.

Good luck
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GURUSHAKTI@AOL.COM on wed 23 aug 00

You can get more ash deposits using the bourry boxes if you stir the ash pit
often, especially in the early stages of firing when the ash is gently
flowing. You can also cheat, by putting some corn syrup on the pots and then
sprinking some fine ash through a very fine strainer from above the pot and
just hit the top and shoulders.
You won't get those Shigaraki type ash glazed look from the firing alone.
Those pots are fired in Anagama or Noborigama kilns for five to seven days in
some cases, but you can get some beautiful pots out of a bourry box kiln and
it's easier to fire than other wood kilns and it is also better on the
environment because of the almost total combustion that occurs in the bourry
box. I fired mine in a suburban neighborhood and you would never know I was
firing a wood kiln. You also don't have to chop wood because with the bourry
box you can use wood up to about 6 or 7" in diameter.