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bonsai artist/potter

updated fri 25 aug 00


david p george on thu 24 aug 00

Your comments reminded of Nick Lenz from Massachusetts who is both a
bonsai artist and excellent potter. Although I have never met him, I
have seen his work in the National Bonsai Collection (Washington, D.C.),
and locally, in the Pacific Rim collection (Federal Way, WA). Both
collections are outstanding and a must for anyone interested in bonsai
(free admission!).
Probably his signature tree is a collected larch from the NE (Canada?)
which was featured on the cover of a major bonsai magazine. To
complement this beautiful deciduous conifer (awesome yellow needles in
the fall), he planted it in a unique, dark purple container which he
hand-built. This bonsai is on permanent display in Federal Way.
Although I have seen examples of his thrown pots, I much prefer his
hand-built work.
A quick internet search listed several references to his work, comments,
etc. His book is entitled "Bonsai from the Wild."

dave, in Olympia, WA (soon moving to Puyallup)
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