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fwd: failure delivery/preschool charge

updated fri 25 aug 00


Ann Hunter on wed 23 aug 00

> Last year I took clay
>into a couple of child cares within the organization I
>work for and did a lesson with the kids. ...
> how much should I charge for

Nobody else has answered your question, so I'll offer my 2 cents.
When I have had groups come to my studio, I have charged $5. (school
field trip), $8. (25 girlscouts), and $10 (6 kids for a "grandparent
camp") for a 1 and 1/2 hour session. Birthday parties are $10 per
child and the family brings refreshments and decorations. If I am
lucky, the adults do some shopping and perhaps become regular
customers. I would prefer to keep the cost pretty low and make a
lasting contact.

In the case of taking clay to a daycare/preschool, it is less likely
that you will get those return visits. If there are large groups,
you can still do okay at less money. Just do the math. I figure I
can make a bucket of glaze for $35. ( which would glaze a lot of
little kids' pieces). $22. for 100 lbs. of clay (assuming I buy 1000
lbs. or more at a time). If possible, use recycled for kids stuff.
How much electricity for a kiln load? How many hours is it really
going to take you?

Nevertheless I am pretty much a a softy when it comes to experiences
for kids. If asked, I will do a demo at a school for the cost of the
clay if they can glaze and fire it. You just have to ask yourself if
this is a situation that the school or parents would gladly pay
someone to provide a special experience for their kids. Or, on the
other hand , it may be an opportunity to share the joy of art making
comparable to another adult who shares what they do as part of being
a good community member.

I'm not very consistent, am I? Like you, I want classes to make
money. But I would really prefer to sell pots and then do
educational things for children for free. It gets complicated.

-Ann Hunter
Wichita Falls, TX where it was 103 degrees at 7:30 p.m. tonight.

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