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5 basic glazes - low fire

updated sun 27 aug 00


Cristpots@AOL.COM on sat 26 aug 00

For low fire glaze recipes I would get the Potters Palette book. It has lots
of great pictures of fired glazes, even though you still will need to test,
but it's great inspiration. Their basic low fire alkaline glaze is:

Pemco frit 311 (or ferro 3124) 75
EPK 15
flint 10
add: bentonite 1%, and I add 2 Tbs liquid CMC per 1000grams of dry glaze

I like the "robins egg" blue-green color I get by ading .75% copper carb.
This glaze sprays and pours well, and has a nice not too shiney almost glossy
surface. It looks good on white earthenware. Glaze fire to cone 04, oxidation.

Hope this helps,
Beverly Crist, Los Angeles