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kid clay

updated sat 2 sep 00


Karen Sullivan on fri 1 sep 00

I taught children years ago and my favorite project was also loved by the
parents. We made an arrangement of a couch with all the family members
sitting on it.
The couch is simple, rectangular slab, with another perpendicular to it for
the back, small chunks of clay for feet.
Then figures, that are open to whatever level the child can accomplish,
arranged sitting on the couch. Descriptions of the object are great.
I remember that Jurassic Park was the current movie, and since I wanted to
participate, I made a dinosaur that was sitting on the couch next to
someone, with it's neck craning across from behind to the other end of the
The parents love the childhood wisdom in the portrayal of reality.
I also took the opportunity when working with the little guys to watch
carefully how they processed and actualized problem solving.
A great example was a five year old, when creating a ballerina, who started
with a flat slab for hair, and worked logically and progressively down.
There was a figure/torso attached to a flat slab of clay, which was picked
up, and legs attached, forming a perfect tutu. I would stand back and watch
in amazement.
Karen Sullivan
a new arrival to clayart.