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wood lathe don't give-up

updated sat 2 sep 00


Liz Gowen on fri 1 sep 00

Jim if you already like wood and do some work in it DON"T give up
the dream. Try it. Years ago I watched a demo at a home show for a
shopsmith wood working tool. Big machine that included a table saw,
drill pess, lathe, disc sander, and other available attachements
such as belt sander band saw , jig saw...... Well I bought one and
when it was delivered I turned it on and it seemed so loud a lot of
macine I shut it down and never used it for 5 years. Then I went to
a place where they gave classes locally on how to use it and I love
it , especially the lathe. Yes wood is more unforgiving but you
know that if you use wood at already.,cut it right or cut another
one, can't squish it out a bit more or add a little more like with
wet clay.
The lathe I also felt was much like the wheel goes round , more
like trimming a pot cutting in the groove designs . Suggest taking
a course. there are ways to glue the block of wood on the chuck that
helps hold it in place so it won't fly off( using a hot glue stick
that can be warmed up after to remove) and adjustable speed lathes
so the RPMs aren't so fast. Makes beautiful lids for pots.....
From a dreamer becoming a doer ( in many parts thanks to clayart
and all the very giving folks)
Liz Gowen

> Wow! Thanks to all who responded to my post about the wood lathe.
It seems
> like there is more to turning wood than I was aware of! I like to
day dream
> when I spin my pots so I guess I'll limit my woodworking to my
bandsaw and
> mallet and chisels. Jim
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