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beginning ceramics. interim drawing lessons

updated mon 4 sep 00


iandol on sat 2 sep 00


You do not say what age level you are teaching or if they are streamed.

However, there is one sure thing you need to know. Find out how good =
they are at what they should know, if anything. All kids have inner =
resources. Where they are now is your starting point.

Tritten gives the first exercise in drawing as favourite person=85 And put in as much detail about every part that you =
can remember > Look at all those drawings as information and use it as =
the foundation. And praise the kids for what they can recall. From then =
on, plan every lesson scrupulously including the timing right down to =
the last minute. Read Rhonda Kellog. Kids as young as five can learn to =
draw from observation.

Have fun. You have chosen a great career.

Ivor Lewis.