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: re: new jr. high teacher - jomon pots. a reference

updated thu 7 sep 00


iandol on tue 5 sep 00

There seems to be growing confusion. Later postings about this topic are =
starting to contradict information which was given earlier.

I was impressed by earlier comments which said that scoring and slurry =
were unnecessary when joining successive coils, especially since that =
commentator explained the way in which the coils should be welded and =
why, with comments about the necessary quality of the clay. Suggestion =
about tools and elaborations of thechnique have also been very helpful.

Now this good technical advice has been contradicted, without =
qualification or explanation. Furthermore, glazing is being recommended =
for a historic style of pottery which, to the best of my knowledge, was =
unglazed earthenware, decorated by rolling corded or knotted thread, =
string or rope over the plastic outer surface to give textural =

Were I a beginning teacher, I would now feel confused rather than =

Jomon decorative methodolgy is explained by Philip Whitford and Gordon =
Wong in Handmade Potter's Tools, pp 82, 107, 119. Kodansha,ISBN =

Ivor Lewis