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fantasy tools. suction ware boards. oil lamp wick

updated fri 8 sep 00


Jennifer F Boyer on thu 7 sep 00

HI All,
Oh well! I was just joking about the suction boards. Should have
put in ;-)!! My work has overglaze washes so nothing can touch
once they are glazed, ie side slats on the boards. My solution
was to design my new studio so I can roll wheeled racks
everywhere. No real need to carry boards any more(USED to need
suction boards: waited 25 years for the perfect studio). I was
just trying to get some new ideas for FANTASY TOOLS.
Hmmm what else: oil lamp wick that comes cut to length with
one rigid end, making it easy to stick through the hole of the
button thingy. Now I really do NEED these!!
Take Care

Mudnjoy@AOL.COM wrote:
> > Boards covered with teeny little holes that have suction(micro
> > vacuum pumps) so all the pots on the board don't fall off when
> > you bump the side of the door jamb going in to the kiln
> > room......I needed it the day I had 30 GOBLETS go
> > tumbling....... :-0
> > If I had a nickel for every pot I've dropped....
> > Jennifer, done with the firing
> 30 goblets Ouch that must have hurt. I've solved that problem by screwing
> in sides & slats on the sides of a few boards to support the tall narrow
> pieces. I started with molding screwed to the edges of ware boards to keep
> the tiny magnets, pin and earrings I make from slipping off the edge. I've
> stored and carried tall narrow forms in 5 gallon buckets. I've learned with
> my tall lizard cups to make the boards smaller. A large board framed in and
> full is heavy. Counter sink those screws to facilitate sliding your ware
> boards around on racks.
> Joy in Tucson realizing storing even "clean" ware boards over head is a
> dust distributor.
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Jennifer Boyer
Thistle Hill Pottery
Vermont USA

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