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waste ... and the studio

updated sun 10 sep 00


Wesley C. Rolley on sat 9 sep 00

At 08:36 AM 9/9/00 +0100, you wrote:

One of the biggest sources of waste is a remodelling job on a contemporary
house. While I am in the middle of turning my garage into a studio, my
next door neighbor has gutted his house and is adding 800 sq ft to it.
This resulted in 50 yds (3) of waste to take to the dump. From this, I
salvaged the following:

13 closet doors which are now drying shelves.

2" x 4" x 8 ft. studs which have been cut down to make the supports for the
shelves. The result is 13 shelves that can be moved and reconfigured with

I salvaged a 2x4 that was 16 ft. long totally clear (absolutely no knots)
Douglas Fir. Buying that today would be very expensive. 30 years ago,
that was "standard grade".

4" x 10" headers make very good display stands for pots or sculpture.

Several 4" x 6" clear heart redwood pieces from his old deck.

Two large mirrors from bathrooms that are now wall mounted behind the area
where I have placed the shelves. I can now see pieces from both sides at

etc. etc. etc.

I guess that my best recommendation about setting up a new studio is to
convince your neighbor to remodel their house. Now if it were only
allowable to have a wood burning kiln at the place...

Wes Rolley