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magic teapot/breakage

updated wed 13 sep 00


mel jacobson on tue 12 sep 00

about a year ago a good customer of mine
stopped at the studio, she had a teapot with her
that i had made at least 20 years ago. she said
that we wanted it replaced, it had cracked on the

sure enough, it had cracked, but, i saw heat marks
on that teapot. i said `have you had this on the
stove?`...she said, `yes, of course, i heat the water
for making tea in that pot. have ever since i bought
it from you.`

geeeez. how the hell did that thing last that long?
she had one of those asbestos pads under it, and would
heat water each morning. for twenty years. she heated
the water in that teapot. i am amazed. must have had
a great deal of grog, and a blessing from a kiln god.

i gave her a new teapot, with instructions to not put it on
the stove. she said, `ok, won't`...left. not a clue.