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updated wed 13 sep 00


Diane Mead on mon 11 sep 00

The 2-d, invisibly sideways guys can be the pits for naming their
stuff--but then some are okay with it.

Not too shabby in my opinion

But some of the nonsense I've seen in the past decade (or longer)
made me not want to walk on by, but rant forever at the artist.

Sometimes there should be a little breathing space for the
viewer to make his/her own interpretation. Tough to do when
somebody tags their piece "Retroactive I"
In that case maybe nobody wants to participate in
interpretation, anyway.

>From: vince pitelka
>Reply-To: Ceramic Arts Discussion List
>Subject: Naming Pots??
>Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2000 20:01:06 -0500
>OK here's a rant.
> > >I do have a problem with
> > wrliting an artilst's statement or naming my pots<
>We have dealt thoroughly with the former, but who in the world names their
>pots? I guess in the case of sculptural vessels a name is fine, but
>otherwise? Historic Japanese tea bowls, which are often so valuable as to
>beyond price, each usually have a very poetic name, and that seems entirely
>The first time I saw images of the wonderful porcelain neriage bowls made
>Curtis and Suzanne Benzle (back when they were together) I loved the work
>but was irritated by the stupid names they gave the piecs. If a work of
>is narrative and/or pictorial, then a very specific name is expected. But
>with an abstract piece (vessel or otherwise), a very specific name just
>in the viewer, limiting the possibilities for interpretation. When I see a
>functional pitcher titled "Winter Moon" (or whatever) I just turn away and
>move on to the next item. I like to see the label say "Pitcher,
>wheel-thrown stoneware, slip decorated, salt-fired."
>Best wishes -
>- Vince
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