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workshop: understanding teabowls & utensils: users & makers

updated thu 14 sep 00


Aiko Ichimura on wed 13 sep 00


Hi All,

I am currently organizing a workshop with my
tea ceremony teachers. I came up with the idea
while talking with a potter friend.
My teachers thought it a very wonderful idea
and agreed to do it.

This workshop is designed for potters who are interested in making teabowls
and tea utensils.
The workshop title would be like "Understanding
teabowls and tea ceremony utensils"
It would take about 2 - 3 hours and the group
will be 10 to 12 participants.

The workshop structure would be:

30 minutes Tea ceremony. Sweets & Tea will be served.
30 minutes Hands on making tea.
One will learn to make tea using a teabowl and a
60 minutes lecture and discussion on Teabowls & utensils.
History, Design and types, requirements.
Users & Makers point of view.
30 - Appreciation and discussion of participants'
teabowls & utensils
( participants can bring sample of works for

I would like to ask you if you please, what would be beneficial to
include under lecture & discussion section or any other sections.

It will be held in a real tea room. you would experience an authentic
tea ceremony. You will also learn how to make tea yourself that helps you
understanding of the requirements for the shape and size of teabowls.

Although the workshop would not make you a better potter but if you are
already a
good potter, you can come out as a good potter who is ready to try making
teabowls( even you are not yet 50). My teachers are believers of using
American potters bowls and utensils.
Just like Sen no Rikyu worked closely with Chojirou( The first Raku bowl
to create a master piece Raku teabowl, our teachers want to work with local

This is experimental and your opinions are very appreciated.

Please be honest to tell me what would you like to learn
if you were to attend this workshop. I am looking forward to
hearing from you all.

Aiko in DC

Czola on wed 13 sep 00


Aiko, where in DC will this be held? I'm nearby, and would love to
attend... it gets a little incestuous where i pot, and i'm dying to meet
other potters with a different basis for comparison... and i think my
teacher would love to go, too!