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updated tue 19 sep 00


KLeSueur@AOL.COM on mon 18 sep 00

This weekend I received a letter from a supplier expressing dismay that I
(and I assume others who were solicited) for failing to respond to a request
to participate in their "empty bowls" project. The response evidently was
poor and they wanted us all to know how disappointed they were.

I think "empty bowls" is a great project. I've participated at times.
Unfortunately it's an idea that is being picked up by many organizations for
a fund raiser.

If I and others contributed to every "empty Bowls" event, every silent
action, and every other solicitation for our work, we would be making pots
simple to meet the demands of the charities asking for them. It is just not
possible to provide work to all who request it. These groups often believe
that our contributions are "fully deductible". They are not. We can deduct
only the materials and have probably already done so on another line item of
our taxes.

Every potter I know contributes work to charitable causes. But please, if you
are the one doing the soliciting, keep in mind that we get many requests and
can't possibly respond positively to all of them. Don't be offended when you
are not the organization chosen.

Kathi LeSueur
Ann Arbor, Mi