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gree tara gallery

updated sat 23 sep 00


John Baymore on fri 22 sep 00

I am familiar with this gallery in that they sell the Paul Soldner "Coura=
to Explore" Videotape. The owner Donna Soto appears professional and
honest. Do you nhave any specific questions? =


Thanks for taking the time to reply.

No.... just was looking for "first impressions". Just "doing my homework=
on the background of the place. Routine procedure. CLAYART can function=

sort of like the craftsperson's "credit bureau" if you ask if anyone has
experiences with a particular shop, and also ask to be responded to off t=
general list at a private email address, as I did.

I prefer to keep any responses to this type of request off of the general=

list. If someone is having problems with a specific shop, as is the case=

in some posts showing up here this past week, they sometimes will opt to
post the information publically if they think the problem has reached the=

"All Points Bulliten" to all potters level of magnitude. But mainly I
think such general infor requests be discussed in the background. No
reason to clog CLAYART with stuff that is not of general, broad interst.

Thanks again.



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