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group studio space available in alexandria, va

updated sun 24 sep 00


Czola on fri 22 sep 00

The Art League School (non-profit, not for credit) has a rather =
remarkable ceramic department. Included is an Associate Program, =
whereby potters without their own studios share a large space with =
other, like minded individuals. The studio is convenient to Route 1 and =
the George Washington Parkway.

There are 14 Brent CXC wheels, three large and one small electric kilns, =
and a gas kiln. Glaze areas, drying bats, slab roller, light tables, =
oxidation and reduction glazes, well-stocked and well filtered glaze =
room... the works! The studio is remarkably clean and well run, and =
the group of associates in there now is pretty delightful.

The program is reasonable, 300 dollars per quarter year, with =
additional, low fees for kiln firings. If anyone is interested in =
learning more, email me offline and i will give you the name and number =
of the woman to see.