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bowlathon at app. ctr.

updated tue 26 sep 00


vince pitelka on sun 24 sep 00

I wanted to let you all konw that our "bowlathon" yesterday to make bowls
for the "Empty Bowls" fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity was a great
success. Had a good turnout with about a dozen serious throwers and many
others helping out, making a few bowls, wedging clay, etc. Between 9:00 AM
and 4:30 PM we made about 750 bowls.

We have had lots of discussion recently on Clayart about the "Empty Bowls"
fundraisers, and we do not need to get involved in that again, but for
anyone interested, this one is called "Cookin' on the Square", and takes
place on the Cookeville Square on Friday, October 27 during the lunch hour.
Cookeville is on I-40, 70 miles east of Nashville. There will be 31 cooking
teams supplying different gumbos, and for 10 bucks people will get a
bottomless bowl of gumbo, and can sample as many and as much of them as they
want, and then of course they keep the bowl. There will be over 1000 bowls
altogether, which means over $10,000 for Habitat for Humanity. If you're in
the neighborhood, y'all come by, hear?
- Vince

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