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ohio clay studios?

updated wed 27 sep 00


SfSato@AOL.COM on sun 24 sep 00

In the next year a friend may move to a town near columbus ,Ohio. I think
the name is either grandville or granville. Are there good studios in the
area where she might be able to continue her clay studys? Thanks in
advance, Joyce

BTu1690922@AOL.COM on tue 26 sep 00

I lived in the Columbus area for 10 years in the 70's to 80's, there is a
good clay community there, Ohio Designers Craftsmen, and there was a clay
group that met monthly also. I had some pots in a shop in Granville, it is a
nice little college town. Your friend might want to check the ceramics
department at Ohio State, it is good.
Gail Turton
Gilchrist, Tx
Trying to survive here