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cooperative studio in or around asheville/fletcher nc?

updated wed 27 sep 00


Garry Wakely on tue 26 sep 00

Hi All,

My wife and I recently moved down to Fletcher, NC from Vancouver, British
Columbia, and I am now on the lookout for a studio to throw in. I am
interested in a cooperative type studio where I can get to know the other
artists in an informal setting. I was a member and executive of the UBC
Pottery Club in Vancouver for 2 years, and would very much like to find a
similar milieu.

I also would appreciate feedback from all you clay people on the work
that I do. If you take a look at my website: you will see some of the work that I
have done over the past two years. Some of the photos are better than
others, and unfortunately, a lot of work was never photographed and I am
no longer in possession of it. When you move 3000 miles, you get rather
mercenary with heavy pottery :->

Thanks very much,

Garry Wakely
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