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leaking oil lamps and such

updated wed 27 sep 00


Jonathan Kaplan on tue 26 sep 00

I think that we are missing the point here.

These items will always have a potential to leak because of a few things.

1. Poorly applied glaze on the interior
2. Poor choice of glaze for the interior.
3. Higly viscous nature of liquid paraffin and lamp oils.

It is certainly possible to use what ever compound over the glaze to seal
the glace, but is this not repetitiously redundant, so to speak?

Use a glaze that is a durable, well balanced hard glossy glaze and you oil
lamps won't leak. The glaze should have no crazing and fit the body
perfectly. Don't use matt glazes to line oil lamps. Lamp oil and related
liquid paraffin (much better) are highly viscous materials and will find
any craze, any defect, any any thng and through capilary action, continue
leaking and cause many problems for you. In my years as a production
potter, we made probably made untold thousands and thousands of these items
and did not have any returned because they leaked. (there were some other
problems, but not leakage!)

Take some responsibility for glazing the ware correctly with a correct
glaze and eliminate using what ever these aftermarket liners are and make
better ware!


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