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flaming skulls/was leaking oil lamps

updated thu 28 sep 00


Mark Mondloch on wed 27 sep 00

> I had a student who made a series of
> earthenware oil lamps, with the little beads to hold the glasswick. They
> looked great, and he promptly filled one with lamp oil and we tried it out.
> Worked beautifully. Left it in the studio for a few days, and he lit it
> again during the next class. It sat just fine for a few minutes, and then
> the flame started to spread down over the entire lamp housing.

When we were involved with a charity Halloween Haunted Trail, I made
several skulls out of porcelain and bisqued them for the cannibal skit
that my teenage and his friends did. We stuck them on poles around their
'boiling cauldron'. They took the 'skulls on a stick' soaked them in
lighter fluid and lit them. They all ended up broken eventually but they
sure looked cool!
We always talk about 'the trail' this time of year even though it's been
at least 5 years since we quit doing it. It brought out amazing creative
juices in the adults, teenagers and kids working on it together.
I suppose someone, somewhere, somehow will be offended by this. Oh
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