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giffin grips and a glaze problem

updated mon 2 oct 00


will edwards on sun 1 oct 00

Hello Clayart,

I would like to add a nickles worth of info on the grips made by Giffin. =
I do
use them and I also continue using my old coil methods as well and some
chucks. I do think it is a great teaching tool and one that can help many=
those who other-wise would be subject to throwing a pot off the wheel by
accident. (More so than the grip loosing its grip:)
On another note I would appreciate any feed-back from anyone interested o=
n the
next segment of this message. =

I recently have been looking at tons of old glazes and came across one th=
at is
currently being used in a pottery studio that contain sGerstley Borate. T=
glaze was given to me by a teacher and I almost fell over when I looked a=
t it
and then after a little computations did a serious re-look to make sure I=

didn't miss anything.
Has anyone ever heard of a glaze that is used as a base for cone ^6 that =
like this?

1000 grams Gerstley borate
1000 grams PV Clay
300 grams Zircopax

When I used a hand held calculator I came up with a rough figure of 43.5%=
GB and 43.5% PV Clay and 13% Zircopax. in unity I came to 1.466 SiO2 and=

0.502 Al203 and 0.557 B203. In percentage total I came to 28.54% SiO2 and=

16.59% Al203 and 12.58% B203 or boron.
I called my source and they did confirm this to be the formula in use. Am=
missing something or are they missing something?
I don't even consider this a recipe but in order to try and help clarify =
I thought it best to see what those might say other than me since we do h=
many a great minds on here. Also I do have glaze calulation programs (Plu=
but I need in my mind more ways than my own to ponder should I say someth=
to these people. It is a public place where people are using this today a=
this is wrote and is within a 100 mile area of my home town. (Is it polit=
e not
to say anything or better to take the heat and protect a child or some ot=
person from potential harm when a glaze is being frequently used that cou=
ld be
of serious consequences..) The pottery is sold to anyone wanting it sever=
times a year through big sales events and the center is one which trains
potters such as in an outreach setting.
In ending I did find they use copper and cobalt and a variety of stains w=
this recipe. Help me decide where to take a stand on this please! I have =
a set of good recipes like Tony's 20x5 that would be a good start but was=

never given a reply back. In other words a hint is not going to be enough=
Being nosy is not my intention but I do worry about things enough to be

William Edwards

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