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teabowl workshop date

updated mon 2 oct 00


Aiko Ichimura on sun 1 oct 00

To DC/VA/MD potter friends and possibly others,

I have successfully convinced my tea ceremony teacher
to offer a workshop for my potter friends. It is an experiment
but it might be an interesting one. Of cause, you can't learn
everything at one sitting but you will know more than before for sure.
I received inquiry emails from New York, Pennsylvania, Minnesota
and Kentucky in addition to my local potter friends. If there is
more people than the tea room can handle, I am very happy to organize it
again later. So let me know if you want to come visit DC and take the

Aiko Ichimura

"Searching for the Perfect Tea Bowl"

A practical workshop to de-mystify making ceramics
for the Japanese tea room

This workshop will offer potters an understanding of the basic
requirements for making ceramics for use in the Japanese Tea room
("tea ceremony" room) from the perspective of the Tea practitioner
("tea ceremony" practitioner). There are numerous requirements
for making ceramics that can be used successfully in the Tea room;
however, there are a growing number of Tea practitioners in America
who are looking to seriously collect American made tea wares.
For over 400 years, Tea practitioners and potters have worked
together to create wonderful pieces.
We are pleased to see this process of Tea people and potters
working together beginning in America.

This workshop is created and offered by the Washington DC Branch of the
Urasenke Tradition of Tea. It is intended for potters (or those deeply
interested in ceramics) who are seeking to better understand how
ceramics and the practice of Tea work together, or who are desiring to
make tea ceramics. Please note that the "Urasenke Tradition of Tea"
uses "matcha", powdered green tea, not loose leaf tea, and the tea
ceramics reflect this. Our hope is for you to gain a deeper
appreciation for the form of Tea ceramics, feel more confident in making
ceramics for Tea people, and that you will be able to better market your

The basic outline for the workshop will be:

Lecture/discussion about requirements for ceramics in the tearoom, and
why each requirement exists (handouts provided)

Tea gathering in authentic Tea setting where each workshop participant
will sit as guest, and can observe how ceramics are used in the practice
of Tea

Learn how to whisk powdered green tea ("matcha" in Japanese)

Please dress comfortably, bring a clean pair of white socks for the Tea
room, and a few pieces of your work if you wish to discuss its usability
in the Tea room.

DATE: Saturday, November 18, 2000,
2:30 pm to 4:30 pm (may run late in needed)
PLACE: Urasenke Washington DC Branch, 6930 Hector Road,
McLean, VA 22101
CONTACT: Aiko Ichimura:, or phone:
(202) 293-3039
FEE: $25.00 (You may tentatively reserve by contacting us. Your place
is reserved upon receipt of full payment. Please remit to "Urasenke" at
the above address.)

The number of participants will be limited to 13, with a minimum of 7.
If there is sufficient interest, we plan to offer this workshop again.

Czola on sun 1 oct 00

Aiko --

I'd like to reserve four places to this ceremony/workshop. Myself, my
mother and fiance who are also potters, and my teacher, who is especially
interested in this discussion.

I will mail you a check on Monday morning.

I am very excited about this opportunity!