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giffen or not

updated tue 3 oct 00


mel jacobson on mon 2 oct 00

i tend to be on the side of no giffen.

of course you must realize that when in a high school
with many kids around, those little legs and pieces would
never be found. `hey mel, where is the leg to the giffen?`.
`look under the third desk, second row, under that lockerbie
wheel`. `opps not there.

i have always taught people to wet the wheel head, wet the
rim of the pot, place it on the wheel head, tap center.....
smack on top a couple of times...trim.

the gang in `college station` was totally blown away by that one.

they can all do it now...and they write me and say...`no balls of clay
around our pots anymore, takes just a second.`....trim pots
like savages.

but, a giffen is great for odd shaped pots...long necks. but, i do
not make pots like that.
never have. for those working alone in a studio, and learn the giffen,
it is a dream.

like tony and shiela...there is not a pot i cannot make and trim/turn.
cuzz i make pots planned for my trim/turn.
if i made a funny long neck, i would make a chuck to turn it in
the next day as i threw the funny pot.