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grabber pad vs giffin gip

updated tue 3 oct 00


Irene Stephens on mon 2 oct 00

For smaller or larger, flatter pots, the Grabber Pad is a fast tool for
trimming and will hold irregular shaped pieces. It is stickier than the
shelf liner and holds much better. It was invented by Lee Shank, a
production potter with 35 yrs experience, per info in Axner's catalog. I use
it more often than my Giffin Grip, unless I'm trimming taller pieces. It
comes in 2 sizes, 12" and 14" and prices are reasonable, in the $40

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From: "Joyce Lee"
Sent: Sunday, October 01, 2000 8:00 PM
Subject: Giffin Grip

> If you've been around awhile you know that I am a major fan of the grip.
> It has helped me LEARN to center my work waiting to be trimmed. I love
> it. BUT much faster for me now is a round piece of that shelf-liner
> stuff..... can't remember what it's called, but it is bumpy and rubbery
> and clings to the wheel and pots cling to it. I've drawn circles on it
> so it's easier to place a pot correctly when I want to trim. I place it
> on the wheel so fast, much much quicker than making clay keys to hold a
> pot down..... put the pot on, use a finger from my left hand to secure
> the pot if needed... and trim away. So fast ..... not for irregularly
> rimmed pots, but for others it's great. Got it from Clayart.... don't
> recall from whom.
> Joyce
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