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gallery rent?

updated thu 12 oct 00


Russel Fouts on sat 7 oct 00

I'm being offered a solo exhibition in Brussels (my first). The space is the
lobby of a medical center that has been outfitted as a gallery. Seems one of
the doctors is very interested in art, set up the gallery and used to
arrange for exhbitions. The space is pretty well set up with good lighting
and places to hang work (yes, I can hang some of my stuff).

Now he's too busy and has given it over to a woman who has a small company
that arranges exhibitions. Basically, she finds spaces and artists and
brings them together, handles the promotion, etc. Her Commission is 40%
which seems fair to me.

However (you knew it was coming), the medical center asks 8000 Bf ($175) per
month for the space. I will be using it for 2 months. The rent seems fair as
well but it seems to me that she should pay that as the organiser.

Anyone run into this situation before?


Russel Fouts
Mes Potes & Mes Pots
Brussels, Belgium
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Francoise Bazard on wed 11 oct 00

Dear Russel,
I think that - as we say in France - "ils veulent le beurre et l'argent
du beurre"...
You have to pay the place - good thing for them - and to leave 40 % if
you sell something.
They have not any risk and you pay for their prestige. Either you leave
40% (or 50% as in many galleries) or you pay for the location only. Of
course the woman has to take in charge the location price.
Good luck !
Francoise Bazard 16, impasse
de la Robertsau 67800 HOENHEIM (FRANCE)