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gallery rent? --- o! --- gallery 'rant' !

updated mon 9 oct 00


Philip Poburka on sun 8 oct 00

Well Russell,

Don't let 'em do this to ya! - Tell 'em to 'drop dead'!

(I think this has the correct molecular configuration for a mid octane
'rant' fuel...I'll just test it out some little some through the
dual up-drafts,see if it 'pings' under these iron heads - i'll back off the
'spark' some, just to be easy on it:)

Here's my guess:

This 'doctor'- wants YOU to pay to have YOUR 'Art' in HIS 'Med
Center'...otherwise HE would maybe have to be payin' for some 'art' himself,
or him and his 'buddies' would.

He is NOT 'in' the 'gallery' business,(he is in the 'money' business): you
put your ART 'in' there, you are doin' HIM the effect,his
'patients' PAY for that bldg with their stupidity/naive/gullibility, that or
the Gov't does,( hand in glove with him, exploiting them,) or both...either
way...same's all a big rip off...don't let 'em fool ya...

Probably, the people goin' thru there are NOT going to either take your work
'seriously' OR even 'see' it, OR buy any of it.It is a completely WRONG
setting to 'sell' Art 'IN', or in which to gain 'exposure'.

If he 'bought' cheerful, bucolic, soothing or whatever 'Art' to distract or
lull his 'patients' in their role ,for their complacent - or more ghastly
yet,'grateful'- acceptance of
victimization/exploitation/dehumanization/abuse etc., and the stuff is just
'there' on the walls, on pedestals or whatever, at least he is not ripping
YOU least not as directly, just using yer tax dollars, and tacit

He sounds like a parasite. Look him up at you liesure under 'helminths',
spirochetes, trematodes or even'll find 'im, or close
Or under spiritual 'lampreys'(Hyperoartia)- closer yet.
Study it close...see the 'expression'?...look familiar?

Pretty clever...'too busy'...uh-huh...too 'busy' seein' 50 or 75 (hell,
probably some of 'em see a 100)'patients' a day at a buck, or a
buck-and-a-bird, even a buck and a half a pop...'buisy' soakin' patients/the
gov't (passed on to you)with padded bills...'tests' etc...sure...Don't tie
yer shoe with him around...not unless yer facin' him...and even then...

Over 'here', a place like that with three or four 'docs', they can gross
twenty, thirty thousand dollars a DAY if they got the groove...maybe
more...they like to own the labs the 'tests' go to...they 'screw-up'
enormously...they wouldn't spend a nickel outta their pocket to save your
life...he wants YOU to pay HIM to have your Art in there to edify HIS BLDG?
HIS ritual-space 'environment'?

I would RUN!...possibly shrieking...and fast..zig-zag even!

I've met these guys...I can smell 'em a mile away. Maybe he is
'different'...maybe he is a 'swell-guy'...uh-huh...sure.Him AND the
'Emperor's New Clothes'. the 'promoter', the 'deal-maker' gets 40 percent...She gonna be there
sellin' the stuff? How often?...he
'gave-it-over-to-her'...uh-huh...gosh...just 'gave' it?

....'real' galleries who really 'move' stuff...if you NEED them(and many do,
hell, I do, and I don't 'have' one),arguably 'deserve' a hefty cut... but
I'd say 40 percent sounds a mite steep for this 'set-up' least 45
percent TOO steep.

Wonder what the doc would cut YOU for a 'referral', besides nuthin'? What is
the 'Real' PRODUCT or 'SERVICE' he is 'selling'?
.....'really'...if one thinks about it...thinks hard..?..real 'hard'? - Don't
be 'had'.

But - still, fun to get ones stuff 'seen' now and then...there has GOT to be
a 'better-way'! There ARE 'better' ways...
This set up sounds BAD.

Co-op Galleries can stand a chance sometimes, if the members have some
energy...some do pretty good. Split the 'Bills', split the work...the
problem there is for lay people to take the work 'seriously'...or seriously
enough to 'BUY' it for anything much, or even at all.Running a 'real'
Gallery takes special skills - different from 'Art' skills...tough on Co-ops
made-up of just 'Artists'.

Real 'galleries' can be pretty least for 'their' 40 percent,
they have DONE 'something'...they create a context for people to 'know' they
are supposed to 'take-it-seriously'...they 'SELL' the stuff...this promoter
gal sounds like another chiseler to me...

Yup, I'd tell the doc to 'drop dead'.

(Well, it did 'ping' a little...probably about 72 some
'mileage' out of it tho'...)

Respectfully, playfully, happily, and rantingly,

L.V Nev.

------Original Message------
From: Russel Fouts
Sent: October 7, 2000 3:27:45 PM GMT
Subject: Gallery Rent?

I'm being offered a solo exhibition in Brussels (my first). The space is the
lobby of a medical center that has been outfitted as a gallery. Seems one of
the doctors is very interested in art, set up the gallery and used to
arrange for exhbitions. The space is pretty well set up with good lighting
and places to hang work (yes, I can hang some of my stuff).

Now he's too busy and has given it over to a woman who has a small company
that arranges exhibitions. Basically, she finds spaces and artists and
brings them together, handles the promotion, etc. Her Commission is 40%
which seems fair to me.

However (you knew it was coming), the medical center asks 8000 Bf ($175) per
month for the space. I will be using it for 2 months. The rent seems fair as
well but it seems to me that she should pay that as the organiser.

Anyone run into this situation before?


Russel Fouts
Mes Potes & Mes Pots
Brussels, Belgium
Tel: +32 2 223 02 75
Mobile: +32 476 55 38 75

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