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kiln wash & jim snydor's new website

updated wed 11 oct 00


Ann Brink on tue 10 oct 00

I used to use half silica/half kaolin, but after time it got shiny & fluxed
and messed up my posts. I fire to cone 8. I just got new shelves and thanks
to Clayart, coated them with 2/3 alumina and 1/3 kaolin. I'm hoping that
when it's time to re-do them, it will be easier to remove & re-do.

I tried sending the post below to your e-mail connection on the site, Jim,
and the server sent it back-you may need to check the link....

Hi Jim,

You asked for opinions, so here goes:

It loaded well, and I like how it is arranged. And, your pots are beautiful!

My first feeling, before I saw the pots, was that the red letters on the
grey background are rather hard to read, no not hard, just not easy. The
value is too similiar. And later, I wanted to read the text, which is also
in grey boxes, and wished the contrast between text and background was
greater. If you had a lighter background in the text boxes, they would
stand out better.

If I were a potential customer, I think I would like an idea of the
cost of the pots in the gallery. I'm sure this was a conscious decision on
your part- would you mind telling me why you don't have any prices, at least
a range? I want to have a website too, and was going to put I
overlooking something?

One typo: in the text about cups you say: "I also makes cups".

I congratulate you for getting it done! and good luck with it.

Ann Brink in CA ( the page below is in Fay Cassman's gallery-she is kind
enough to host many Clayarters)