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potters/studios near ft. hood, tx?

updated wed 18 oct 00


NBPick@AOL.COM on sun 15 oct 00

Well, after a year's tour in Korea with no time for, or access to, clay, my
SO has now transferred to Ft. Hood, Texas, and after he gets comfortable with
his new job, will probably get back into making at least tiles and Ocarinas.
Although he will build whether he can fire or not, it would be great if he
could find a community studio he could join while he is there. He is going to
check on base but I was told that they only do the poured and painted
ceramics. Baylor is also a possibility but, given his work load, the travel
time might prove impossible.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.



WHew536674@CS.COM on mon 16 oct 00

They may only do poured and painted ceramics at the arts and crafts shop at
Ft. Hood, but in my "younger days" I saved money for graduate school working
in the arts and crafts shops at Ft. Benning and Ft. Dix, Service Clubs at
Fort Hood. Don't be too quick to give up on them yet. They do have kilns
and if you don't mind doing low fire stuff I am pretty sure they will fire it
for you. Some of these people that work at the arts and crafts shops have
B.F.A.'s, or degrees in art. I am pretty sure they would be sympathetic to
you and welcome someone who wanted to do something different. I don't
remember what kind of equipment they had there, but at Benning and Dix they
did have wheels. I gave ceramics classes there and some participated. It
was a lot of fun. So, I would check it out first, after all it is free,
close, and you may be surprised who you meet there.
Joyce A.
Mission, TX