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bead tree help

updated tue 17 oct 00


Penelope's Pots on mon 16 oct 00

I have just peaked into my kiln to see how the last
glaze firing went. I over fired again! The darn thing
seems to be getting more efficient as it took only 10
1/2 hours yesterday to do a glaze when it has been
taking about 12 to 14 hours. Whats up with that?
I have an OLD Amaco HF-96. It is small but does the
I used my new bead tree for the first time too. When I
peaked in I saw that it had fallen into the middle
from one side and a few of my pieces have glazed
themselves to a mug! I used the bead tree to glaze
some little cookie cutter people I want to hang on a
wind chime. Were they too heavy, were there too many?
What is the trick with bead trees? I am I able to use
it for this purpose?
Any advice would be appreciated.

Penni Stoddart of Penelope's Pots

Eagles may soar, but weasles don't get sucked into jet engines =o)

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