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haggis at nceca/chatty long

updated tue 17 oct 00


mel jacobson on mon 16 oct 00

we hunt haggis in wisconsin.
it is hard to clean, and the taste is sorta
like old chicken, but if you use the right
curry spice, well, it is delicious.

i think the secret is to braise it hard for
about 10 minutes. then a slow bake
with potatoes. or (potato's) or, tatters.
375f. for about two hours. carrots, onion, celery.

i like a basmati rice along with a chutney made
of colorado peaches and raisins.

i think a rich ,hearty, full bodied wine is the answer.
need i say porto? spanish.

i really prefer a colorful plate. i suppose a selsor, or a
black and white with pink flowers. joyce has about
56 that we can borrow.

it is rumored that we will have a haggis at the clayart room
in north carolina. it looks like the clayart room will be in the
`other hotel`...we cannot get a room that suits us at the main
hotel. we want a big room...gala. have some classes, a dance
of our own. slide shows. so, we will see.

get you tickets. janet may be coming with two haggis hides...we
can make clothing, book jackets...just great stuff.

so, just to let you know.....nceca is going to be a great time.
if you can walk, drive, airplane...whatever...come and join us.
we will laugh. there will be loud talk in the clayart room and
mugs to exchange.

but, some great things are happening. you are all going to be
surprised. remember the date...i told you so.

vince is going to give a twelve hour lecture on the history of
ma jo lika...a southern hot dish. (made of colorful fish)

and remember...the sigalata twins are going to be there again.
terri and tawny. man, can they dance.
cute too.

kurt is going to set up a booth in the clayart room...he is going
to sell all those pots he is making...he will be the guy with the
pink eyepatch. he has purchased a new megaphone. he is a real
salesman. `hey, baby, wanna buy a mug?` `hey, don't stare at
my people.`

well, i would like to chat more, but have mugs to make.
if i can only get a good one. just one. damn, the next two
months, mugs, mugs, mugs.

oh, yah, ruth butler is going to show three hundred of her
all time most ugly slides she has ever seen. ohhh, what a
show. think of those rejects.

at the farm in wisconsin.
the big pileated wood pecker was cracking ice on my
bird water feeder this morning. what a sight. he got water.
then squaked at me. the bauld eagle was just overhead. looking
for a mouse. the hawk birds are on the way back. what a thrill.

from the farm in wisconsin