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monona:re. bottom line - dioxin (fwd)

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Elke Blodgett on sun 22 oct 00

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Date: Sun, 22 Oct 2000 20:35:41 EDT
Subject: Re: Bottom Line - Dioxin (fwd)

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> From: Frank Gaydos
> Subject: Bottom Line - Dioxin
> So, what is the bottom line here?
> If it were really dangerous, wouldn't we have a bunch of potters getting
> sick and form a statistical blip? <
> What is expected to happen?
> More Cancer?

Well, yes, but we will never know. The two main things that seem to appear
in exposed populations are 1) a change in the ratios of male/female births
and 2) cancer. It might be possible to see if potters using ball clay give
birth to more girls than boys, but it is impossible to separate out the
cancer effects in a population that is so varied and small.

The National Cancer Institute statistics now are that one woman in three, and
one man in two, will get a diagnosis of cancer in their lifetime. There's no
way to separate out cancers by cause without studying huge numbers to of

> What are precautions to take? <

That also is hard to say without knowing more about the problem. But
obviously the standard precuations to reduce inhalation are good ones.

> I only used about 2% ball clay in my mix now.
> I wear rubber gloves, a OSHA Mask and an apron.
> I assume it is not dangerous to throw with??
> Some guidelines anyone? <

Sounds good to me. More than that, we really don't know what all this means

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