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broken mugs and the post office

updated thu 26 oct 00


jeff seefeldt on wed 25 oct 00

I thought I'd be nice to an old friend ( actually old girlfriend ) and
donate a set of mugs for an art auction she's helping plan to raise money
for the food pantries in Rockford Illinois.

I thought I packed the mugs well. Packed in one box with styrofoam peanuts,
that box inside another box again with more peanuts.

I thought the post office was still capable of breaking them so I insured

Sure enough, they did. I got a letter in the mail today asking me to
provide "evidence of value"

How do I document this? Will the post office take my word for what I sell
them for?

Jeff Seefeldt
quincy illinois

I'd best get headed back downstairs,, I need to get a new set of mugs made
and mix up a batch of FB for a friend from ACC
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