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monona re: lead crystal/threads (fwd)

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Elke Blodgett on wed 25 oct 00

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> "They" recently exhumed Beethoven and removed
> some hair or finger nails or something... Seems
> the poor man suffered from extremely high levels
> of lead. That poisoning could well have been
> the cause of his psychological state, not the
> deafness. <

Actually, there is some evidence that lead and solvents together can cause
hearing loss. This would also be true if the person was exposed to lead and
also drank heavily.
> "As mad as a hatter" refers to the occupational
> illness which afflicted people who worked in
> that profession... They inhaled the nasties
> whilst steaming the hats...<

The Mad Hatter disease was caused exclusively by mercury released during the
"felting" process.

Lead also has psychological effects--irritability, loss of IQ, etc.

> Regensburg, Germany: Many of the old houses are
> apparently so badly polluted by the lead and
> mercury which was used to make mirrors for
> centuries, they should really all be pulled down
> and designated as toxic waste. <

You don't have to go back that far. Some of the mirrors in antique stores
today are outgassing mercury vapor. Be careful. Look at the backs of old
mirrors. If you see (with a magnifying glass) little tiny shiny specks, that
is usually mercury that has separated out of the old miroring compounds.
Those little mercury droplets out gas all the while the mirror is in your

> And of course the Romans had lead pipes... Must
> have been the reason for an orderly, civilised
> and extended military power being wiped out so
> easily by a few nomads...<

Don't underestimate those nomads.

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