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hines patina, raku

updated sun 29 oct 00


Tom Buck on sat 28 oct 00

To: Curtis Bumgardner

it wont show the same (reflections will differ, etc.) but
youcould try this and see what happens:
30 Frro frit 3278
20 Ferro frit 3195
17 Borax decahydrate (washing machine borax)
15 Spodumene
11 Bone ash
7 Copper carbonate (basic)

Because Borax is included, the glaze mixture has a soluble component, so
it should be fresh-mixed on the day you will do the firing, dip the
pot, let dry on top of kiln, then fire. The colour effects will vary
somewhat with the level of in-bucket reduction. But the surface will
be glossy.
good tests. bfn. peace. Tom B.

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