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test tile shapes

updated wed 1 nov 00


Alisa and Claus Clausen on tue 31 oct 00

Dear Roger,
I make test tiles in 2 versions, just depending if I am throwing at the =
time or not when I need them.

A really good shape for my tests is an Omega sign.

I make a slap, cut strips and then cut them into about 3 inch strips. I =
grab each end and stand them up, bending
them in the middle to make a stand up omega sign. I score one side for =
texture. They stand up in small places
between everything in the kiln, so take up all the negative spaces in =
the firing. Also, I dip them in the glaze,
dip the top again (so they need to be high enough for a clear =
demarkation) and they stand up very stabile on their unglazed
feet. I make a depression on the top of the feet so I can see how the =
glaze may pool.
Further, because they have a hole in the shape, I can hang up the ones I =
am interested in working with later.

Otherwise, I throw little bowls off the hump and do not trim, just cut =
off any access off the bottom and flatten the bottom on a board.

Best regards,
Alisa in Denmark