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comment on loving your mug!!!!!

updated thu 2 nov 00


Sandy Miller on tue 31 oct 00

After my ceramics I class I decided my goal was to make the perfect coffee
mug; gosh that was 15 years ago. I just bought a mug from a shop in Little
Italy in Cleveland by David Batz. My memory of David 13 or 14 years ago
was a man standing in a booth at an art show and me with a baby in a
stroller fondling his mugs and dishes. He kindly asked if I was a potter,
I laughed and said I was trying. He had wonderfully encouraging words for
me. I could not afford to buy his work at that time. Several years ago
David died of AIDS. He lives on through his pottery. I was in a shop, on
the bottom shelf tucked away I spied some plates and mugs and saucers. I
bought them all. 14 years later I could not believe the influence his mugs
had on my work. I was unaware until I cupped the mug in my hands. A well
of memories filled my mind and eyes and I thanked the potter. The shop
owner inquired why I was buying David's work. The shop owner ended up
taking my work that day. I am so honored to drink from my David Batz mug
every Sunday morning over the Sunday paper.
Sandy Miller
(here in sunny Painesville, Ohio with a skunked sprayed dog laying at my