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updated thu 2 nov 00


Sharon31 on wed 1 nov 00

Hello David and Martin!
This site as well as Rufford site, are good not only to our American
friends, that might come to the U.K., but also to our friends from the
"other" countries that travel only into the virtual world, inside their
I have here a list, I prepared for a friend, I send it to the list too.
You could see that I give a few minutes every day to my computer. Last
month I bought a C.D. from Rufford Ceramic Center. a very nice collection of
English potters. Not all of them, but "well done". I have some problem, with
opening, some of the functions there, I will see if in windows 98, it will
work better, but still it is very a very good collection of artists and some
activities, some for us and some for our children that are being tiered from
their childish (potter) parents that are overexcited from what is coming out
of their kilns!
In the C.D. Some well known artist explain through "apple Plug in" their
work. It takes them one minute each! This, and other "Artists statements, on
the personal pages, (when written by other artists, can show us the power of
the short statement, and the tiring long artist statement mean: Do they pay
you more for your words or you want me to read all and remember in the end
what acutely I am reading?

Rufford Shop:
>From there you have links to the ceramic center
Here is a part list I prepared, for a fiend of mine, out of the site, that
you, David, sent us, according to my test, it is not finished, I will go on
and send latter more sites.

Ababi Sharon

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From: "David Hewitt"
Sent: Tuesday, October 31, 2000 09:40
Subject: Re: Potter's Diary UK

> Martin,
> Have you looked at the British Studio Ceramics site?
> Or you can pick this up from my 'links' page.
> This has a very extensive listing of forthcoming events and is intended
> for that purpose as well as giving details of potters. It would make
> excellent reading for anyone seeking to know what is on and where in the
> UK. Let me know what you think.
> David
> In message , Martin Howard writes
> >I have just been to the Potter's Fair at Oxford, England.
> >I know it is well advertised amongst potters in this country by CPA,
> >t
> >Potters Association, and the regional groups such as EAPA, East Anglian
> >Potters Association, but do our visitors from the USA and other places
> >ow
> >about it and our other pottery shows, demos and fayres etc throughout GB?
> >
> >I suspect not. Now that is a great shame. If one of you from the States
> >r
> >Australia has come to the UK and wants to meet our main potters. There
> >ey
> >are under one roof, but you are probably travelling helter skelter round
> >the
> >country to find them individually, only to find the pottery shut for the
> >weekend.
> >
> >So, I wonder how you would normally find out this information and should
> >the
> >channel of communication be made somewhat clearer?
> >
> >Would a Potter's Diary be helpful and if so, how could it be arranged?
> >
> >Martin Howard
> >Webb's Cottage Pottery
> >Woolpits Road, Great Saling
> >England
> >
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