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test tiles/martin

updated thu 2 nov 00


Marcia Selsor on wed 1 nov 00

I have been looking for something for counter weights for my raku chamber.
I hadn't thought of using test tiles, but that seems like some potential there.
I make mine as thin as possible with stamped texture in one corner and a
hole in another.

Martin Howard wrote:
> The number of test tiles we accumulate becomes a problem, because we are
> generally loath to throw the old, out of date ones, away.
> Mine are curved extrusions, with holes in one corner. The curve enables them
> to stand upright in the kiln and still bed together on the long lengths of
> picture hanging wire, which I also use for cutting wires.
> But the long threaded collection is now taking up valuable table space and
> could be used for weight lifting exercises. So next idea is to change to
> little bells which can be hung from the ceiling and even sold when their
> usefulness as test tiles is over.
> Has anyone done this yet, and found problems with it?
> Martin Howard
> Webb's Cottage Pottery
> Woolpits Road, Great Saling
> England
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Marcia Selsor