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rims on large garden pots

updated fri 3 nov 00


Dave Finkelnburg on thu 2 nov 00

Mary Lou,
You've asked about the more important, and most difficult part of those
pots. You have probably already figured these things out, but here are two
things I have tried that have helped me.
Do you make your own throwing ribs? If you do, try making a profile
rib to shape the rim. Add the rim coil soft enough so it can be shaped
with the rib.
Don't be excessively fussy about the rim. When you are shaping the rim,
you are far closer to it than anyone else will ever be when the pot is in
use. Keep in mind you are trying to create the appearance of a particular
rim shape, not a mechanically perfect rim. Judge the product of your work
from a reasonable distance, not while seated at the work. I find a mirror
on the wall to be really helpful for this.
I trim up the top of the pot before adding the rim clay. This gives me
an even, level base for the rim. I also take special care that the rim clay
is uniform in cross section over its full length, before I add it to the
pot. A little extra time with this coil or slab saves a lot of fussing and
wasted time later.
I hope this is at least a bit helpful.
Dave Finkelnburg in Idaho
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From: LeesStudio@AOL.COM
Date: Wednesday, November 01, 2000 7:03 PM
Subject: Rims

I've started hand building large garden pots. The pots develop nicely but I
can't seem to finish with an even, neat rim. Any helpful hints would be

Mary Lou who didn't get PMI until Nov. 1st.