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pugging to the wheelhead

updated fri 10 nov 00


Pat Colyar on sat 4 nov 00

Once, while I was demonstrating at the Washington State Fair, throwing
lots of little rice bowls off the hump, one man stood watching me for
the longest time. Evidently he felt that the big lump of clay wasn't
diminishing very much for the number of pieces I was making (Thank you,
thank you...), for he asked me if the clay was coming up through the
middle of the wheelhead!
Although I laughed hysterically, I found the prospect appalling:
something like Charlie Chaplin in "Modern Times", with the two wrenches,
trying to keep up, never being able to get away from the wheel.

Pat Colyar, in Gold Bar, Washington, where it's raining at the
rate of an inch an hour right now, woke me up........

iandol on wed 8 nov 00

Chris Schafale wrote

>I had a similar experience once when demonstrating for a school group. =
One little boy watched solemnly for the longest time, then got down and =
looked underneath the wheel. When he got up, he said, "but where does it =
come from???"<

Interesting educational psychology at work here. Consult Jean Piaget.

It has to do with the mental conservation of Volume.

Ivor. Redhill, South Australia on a rainy day.