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updated sun 5 nov 00


Bonnie Staffel on sat 4 nov 00

Dear Clayarters,

Thank you all so much for your help in suggestions for tiles. I opened my
kiln this morning and found that the commercial English tiles worked just
great at a good Cone 8 down, Cone 9 starting. Had intended to go to Cone 9
at 3 oclock but could not see the cones in the middle peep. Cone 9 went off
on the Kiln Sitter.

The tiles had only a very slight even bulge from sides to center, giving
them a hand made effect. The tile I suspended on two kiln posts did not sag
at all.

I hesitated ordering from various sources who use their own clay as I had no
time to test for crazing. A few years ago I now remember glazing the
commercial tiles with my glaze for a backsplash and they came out fine. It
was important to use my glaze as I was matching a sink I had made for this
client a few years ago. When she moved, she took it from her former place
and wants to install it in her new home. That's devotion!!!

Thanks again. You all a are great resource.
Bonnie Staffel of Charlevoix