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seconds "my little children"and lots of clay

updated sat 11 nov 00


Earl Brunner on fri 10 nov 00

Another thing that is very liberating for me as a potter is
to have lots of clay on hand. Back in my production pottery
days I once ordered 10 ton of moist clay with a potter
friend. I'll never forget the feeling when the truck
arrived. The semi-trailer had a seal on the door from the
factory. EVERYTHING in the truck was ours! (It took half of
a day to unload)
Ten pallets of clay, forty 50lb boxes per pallet.
It took me a year to use my part. But what a great
I always try to have at least 200 lbs of clay around now,
more than I would typically throw in a day. That way I can

vince pitelka wrote:
> > You people need to make a whole lot more pots. Get them
> > filling up the garage, piled up in the spare bedroom.
> > Boxes of them in the closet and attic. Trip over the suckers
> > getting out of bed. Lots and lots and LOTS of pots. If you
> > are still thinking of them as babies you haven't delivered
> > enough of them. Forget the epidural, do this the natural
> > way. But don't have a small family here. Think Queen bee.
> Earl gives very good advice here. A few years ago at an NCECA panel
> discussion someone asked Chris Staley for his best advice to aspiring
> students of pottery. His reply was "Make pots and more pots and lots more
> pots. Out of quantity comes the willingness to take risks, and out of risk
> comes learning."
> Best wishes -
> - Vince
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