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updated sat 11 nov 00


Denise Bohart on fri 10 nov 00

Miss Elizabeth,

(said with all sincerity, though I know not how old you are... as I am
generally perceived to be young everywhere I go--except at work on a
college campus--I figure I'm probably relatively safe...)

You have no idea how my heart sang at your post regarding manners. I
grew up in a world where I was to call elders Mr. & Mrs.... it always
frustrated me as a child, who wanted to appear more grown-up, to be
stuck with what I viewed as a "child's" way of talking. How delightful
to hear that there is still someone left in this country who didn't
abandon that respectful way of thinking that I didn't understand as a
kid. Now I look at my friend's children and wonder what has happened to
the idea of respect in that form.

We have a new student manager at the Craft Center who is 20 and from
Texas; on occasion he calls me Miss Denise... it makes me feel old, but
I do kind of like it. It's refreshing to be around, especially in
California, the ultimate in laid back and informal states.

Denise Bohart